Mastering Mixology

Learn the essence of mixology in a private setting while gaining the full benefits of lessons from our Master Mixologist.

Mixology is an art, something expressive of one's creative mind, an embodiment of the world's cultural influences and tastes. Becoming a professional mixologist is a journey on which one tests themselves, pushes their passion's limits, and constantly attempts to reinvent both recipes and ingredients that time has honored and kept. Mixologists, we are a brotherhood, a sisterhood, a group often overlooked but never discredited. These lessons will introduce you to the elite intricacies of mixology. Amazing your peers, impressing your bar manager, or traveling the globe perfecting your craft, wherever there's a door to a bar mixology's your major key.

  • SOS Craft Academy Shirt
  • Online Education Board Access
  • Online Student Portal Access
  • 20 Practical Hours
  • Knowledge, Technique, Presentation Testing
  • Mixology Certification
  • 19 Graduated Students in 2016

Nothing but mixology!
Learn how to mix over 140 drinks! Nothing but bottles, practice, precision, and flair! 
In addition becoming a professional bartender and mixologist, you will gain lifetime membership to SOS Craft Academy and a passport to eTIPS On Premise! TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is the industry's leader in alcohol server training and recognized worldwide.
It doesn't stop there though! Along with a lifetime membership, Certificate of Completion, TIPS Certification, and the experience needed to succeed behind any bar, each student will receive a 17 pc. Bartender Kit and Tote Bag!


  • Part One - Methods & Apparatus
  • Part Two - Long Drinks
  • Part Three - Classic Cocktails
  • Part Four - Modern Cocktails
  • Part Five - Sours, Tropical, & Tiki
  • Part Six - Shooters
  • Part Seven - Aperitifs
  • Part Eight - Digestifs
  • Part Nine - Pousse-Cafe
  • Part Ten - Beer & Wine
  • Part Eleven - Infusion
  • Part Twelve - Ice
  • Part Thirteen - Syrups
  • Part Fourteen - Bitters
  • Part Fifteen - Balance
  • Part Sixteen - Construction
  • Part Seventeen - Garnishes
  • Part Eighteen - Presentation
  • Part Nineteen - Molecular
  • Part Twenty - Flames & Foaming

And of course you'll be learning Cleanliness, Safety, POS, Customer Service, Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Spirits History, and more!

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