SOS Craft Academy

by SOS Luxury

Welcome to SOS Craft Academy!

We are Connecticut's premier mixology academy and we boast more professional training programs than any other bartending school around. In addition to that, we are also more than proud to say we do this at rates lower than any other known programs. Our highest cost of tuition beats the nearest competitor's by a substantial $45! Don't believe us? Click here to check for yourself!

Mixology 101
from 70.00

Learn every drink and everything you need to work in your average CT nightclub, bar, or casual restaurant!

  • SOS Craft Academy Shirt
  • Online Education Board Access
  • Online Student Portal Access
  • 8 Practical Hours
  • Knowledge, Technique, Speed Testing
  • Mixology/Bartending Certification
  • 32 Graduated Students in 2016

This certificate class will put you on an even playing field with your everyday bartender just seeking an additional form of income! Who doesn't love less work for more cash?! Seats filling fast! Reserve your spot today and be on your way to making a lot more money!

  • Part One - Methods & Apparatus
  • Part Two - Long Drinks
  • Part Three - Classic Cocktails
  • Part Four - Modern Cocktails
  • Part Five - Sours, Tropical, & Tiki
  • Part Six - Shooters
  • Part Seven - Aperitifs
  • Part Eight - Digestifs
  • Part Nine - Pousse-Cafe
  • Part Ten - Beer & Wine
  • Part Eleven - Infusion
  • Part Twelve - Ice
  • Part Thirteen - Syrups
  • Part Fourteen - Bitters
  • Part Fifteen - Balance
  • Part Sixteen - Construction
  • Part Seventeen - Garnishes
  • Part Eighteen - Presentation
  • Part Nineteen - Molecular
  • Part Twenty - Flames & Foaming

And of course you'll be learning Cleanliness, Safety, POS, Customer Service, Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Spirits History, and more!

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