SOS Online Mixology Certification

SOS Online Mixology Certification


Become a certified bartender and mixologist with this online course which will train you for a professional career behind the stick! With SOS Drink Journal, 20 informative lessons on our SOS Online Education Board, and video tutorials from SOS Master Mixologist, Moses, alongside Diageo teacher, multi-competition award winner, celebrity bartender, Carl Summa of Enlightened Spirits.

  • Online Study
  • 80 Study Hours
  • 20 Parts
  • PDF Certificate
  • 89 Graduated Students in 2016
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  • Learn the tools, tips, and tricks, of the trade!
  • Get a FREE copy of SOS Drink Journal!
  • Gain lifetime membership to SOS Craft Academy by SOS Luxury, LLC!
  • Begin with the basics of bartending and end with advanced mixology!
  • Become a skilled bartender in weeks!
  • Acquire more knowledge than your average experienced bartender!
  • Mix exotic drinks with skill and flair!
  • Master advanced techniques such as Molecular Mixology!
  • Earn an accredited certification from SOS Craft Academy in Mixology!
  • Impress your friends at work and count your cash on the way back!
  • Expand your resume with experience in the service industry, hospitality, and a bartending certification!
  • Open up employment opportunities and work anywhere around the world!

SOS Craft Academy prepares you for a career with an accredited, industry-accepted curriculum dedicated to professional bartending and mixology training. Created by a team of hospitality professionals who have accumulated over 25 total years of experience in Food & Beverage, this comprehensive online course covers the necessary skills for succeeding behind any bar around the globe.

  • Part One - Methods & Apparatus
  • Part Two - Long Drinks
  • Part Three - Classic Cocktails
  • Part Four - Modern Cocktails
  • Part Five - Sours, Tropical, & Tiki
  • Part Six - Shooters
  • Part Seven - Aperitifs
  • Part Eight - Digestifs
  • Part Nine - Pousse-Cafe
  • Part Ten - Beer & Wine
  • Part Eleven - Infusion
  • Part Twelve - Ice
  • Part Thirteen - Syrups
  • Part Fourteen - Bitters
  • Part Fifteen - Balance
  • Part Sixteen - Construction
  • Part Seventeen - Garnishes
  • Part Eighteen - Presentation
  • Part Nineteen - Molecular
  • Part Twenty - Flames & Foaming

And of course you'll be learning Cleanliness, Safety, POS, Customer Service, Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Spirits History, and more!