It all started when a jigger met a julep... lol!

Founded by chef and mixologist, Moses McCree the goal in mind was to provide and that's it. Pretty simple, right? You see, hospitality is a provider's playground, a giver's game of choice, an entrepreneur's endeavor. Anything less than a customer feeling they've been provided the absolute best experience falls extremely short of not only excellence but of our expectations.

SOS Luxury, LLC's sole intent is to exceed the expectations of our patrons, students, partners, and community. We realize being bartenders, mixologists, chefs, guest attendants, and hosts, means being more than a group of hospitality professionals. We're ladies and gentlemen, students and educators, historians and philanthropists, sociologists and scientists, counselors and consultants. Our responsibility transcends beyond the bar or event, and into everyday life as it's lived.

The mission is to become a global go-to for anyone in need of a luxurious fine-dining experience, upscale business lunch, cocktail catering for any social event, mixology education, or a night out to the craftiest upscale atmosphere in town. By 2024, our goal is to expand our SOS LUX Lounge & Restaurant to fifteen establishments spanning our three targeted international markets and we understand we cannot do any of this alone. Without fellow foodies, enthusiasts, and professionals, who share the affinity we do for the industry, without patrons who share their stories at the bar, without the distillers and distributors who produce all of our favorite liquors and liqueurs, and without our supporters and believers, we can't make this possible.

SOS LUX Lounge & Restaurant, featuring an upscale luxury lounge with an atmosphere that accentuates our exotic seafood menu and award-winning mixology, will be coming to a city near you soon! Share in our journey as we build our dream, brick by brick, to cater to yours.

Bon appetite & imbibe!