Our Team

"If you can't feed a team with two pizzas, it's too large."

- Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder



Founding Member and CEO, Moses has been in the hospitality business for nearly a decade spent as a Sous Chef, Smokehouse Pit Master, and Kitchen Manager. His culinary travels took him through World Of Beer - Stamford, The Hilton Garden Inn - Milford, Dinosaur Barbecue - Stamford, and Prime: An American Kitchen & Bar - Stamford (Owned by Bohlsen Restaurant Group or "BRG" which has been awarded with an International Star Diamond Award from The American Association Of Hospitality Sciences). While pursuing his dreams, he stumbled upon the the craft bartending world and instantly became infatuated. Shortly, Moses would be behind the bar.

Bar after bar, competition after competition, Moses honed his skills through trial and error, and attempt after error. Determined to sharpen his skills and develop an acumen, he became a student of award-winning celebrity bartender Carl Summa at Diageo North America. After an intensive class offered by Diageo North America, in conjunction with CT Bartenders Academy, Moses possessed the knowledge, the skill, and the technique, he desired. "SOS Luxury" is a culmination of mastering one's craft in order to give another one's best. With that in mind, Moses offers you, the spirit industry, and the craft world, our best.


SOS LUX Brand Ambassador and Marketing Manager, Kember plays a vital role on our team whether it be in our office or off premise at an event. She's established valued relations, between both our foreign and domestic affiliates, and continues to maintain proactive communications with the members of our network. In addition to acting as a liaison of sorts, she has done an exceptional job building rapports with our customers, guests, and loyalists, which have opened numerous doors to business opportunities, network expansion, and development.

Kember's presence is as warm as her smile and, with hospitality always at heart, she provides the best of promotion imaginable.

Chef Nathan Spiro

To call what Corporate Chef, Nathan Spiro, does "cooking" would be an injustice to his craft. Chef Nathan "creates", and has been doing so for nearly a decade at the finest of dining establishments. Most notably so at Polpo Restuarant & Saloon, The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges, Le Marais Steak House Times Square Manhattan, Bohlsen Restaurant Group's Prime: An American Kitchen & Bar (Stamford), and Michelin Star winner Michael White's Campagna.

Chef Nathan has also competed on Food Network's Chopped, and started his formal studies towards becoming a sommelier. With an attitude to match his food, we can't wait for you to experience his excellence. Bon appetit!



Franchisee and Managing Partner of our flagship store, SOS LUX Lounge & Restaurant - Bridgeport, Maya is a pivotal part of our team and SOS Craft Academy. As a certified bartender herself, Maya understands the importance of education behind the bar and has created a way to properly train other professionals, cocktail enthusiasts, and industry members in the art of mixology.

After years spent as a restaurant manager, Hilton bartender, catering bartender, and student of the craft world, she has set out to contribute to the industry that has awarded her so many amazing opportunities.

When not at our corporate office or SOS Craft Academy, Maya can be found spending precious moments with her beautiful daughter, Olivia, and enjoying a bite to eat.